viewing a building or component in realistic materials and textures at the sketch or conceptual stage.

moving, rotating, walking through the product prior to the manufacturing or building stage.

providing your potential clients with a clear idea of your design to secure sales and help with the manufacturing and building costs.

Computer Generated 3D Modelling & Visualisation brings reality to such imaginations. Taking your designs and ideas from notes, paper drawings, CAD drawings or even sketches, we are able to create accurate 3D computer generated models of your proposals.

With the tools available within the bureau Spinpix Australia are able to create the materials, textures and colours to be used in the construction of your product to simulate an exact pictorial copy of the original proposed design.

Taking modelling to new levels we are able to animate and photo-montage renders to create one of the most powerful marketing and selling aids for a variety of professions.

Whatever your 3D needs, we are able to help. We are flexible enough to use your design to build and render your model. The only limit to our 3D modelling and visualisation services is the extent of your imagination.