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       Up to 12 High Resolution Still Photographs
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       Up to 12 High Resolution Still Photographs
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       Up to 12 High Resolution Still Photographs
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Only a short 48 hours turnaround from start to finish, to the time your Virtual Tour or Stills are spinning online
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Spinpix Australia™ will confirm all booking details prior to the photography shoot with the ordering agent.

Spinpix Australia™ shall use its best endeavours to deliver your order within two working days after the photography is completed. Spinpix Australia™ shall retain ownership of the virtual tours until such time as full payment has been received.

Payment Conditions:
Payment shall be within 14 days of receiving a Spinpix Australia™ invoice. Late payment will incur a penalty/administration charge of an additional 3%.

Spinpix Australia™ reserves the right to use a copy of any corporate virtual tours in the promotion of its product unless specifically directed to the contrary.

Whilst Spinpix Australia™ will take all reasonable steps to deliver the order, Spinpix Australia’s™ liability for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of the order not being fulfilled shall be limited to the cost of the specific individual product or service. The purchaser agrees to inspect the Tour/s, services and or products and notify Spinpix Australia™ of any defects within 5 working days of the creation of the Tour/s and or products and services, failing which Spinpix Australia™ will have no liability for any defects. The client will allow 2 working days to remedy the defect or problem once Spinpix Australia™ is notified in writing. Discounts are not available on any service or product meeting the terms set herein.

The authority to use all copyright and trade marks comprised in the product is held exclusively by Spinpix Australia™ and Spinpix Australia™ reserves the right to print a copyright notice or disclaimer on all of its products.